Every product that meets our specifications in terms of sustainable development is labeled on our website with a little pictogram featuring the symbol of our #ThinkFuture campaign..

To take things one step further and provide full transparency, our sustainability criteria for each product can be found in the product description.

MADE IN EUROPE : This product was made in a European factory.

GROUND SHIPPING : We chose ground shipping for this product, which creates much less pollution than shipping by air.

OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATION : An Oeko-Tex label on a textile guarantees the quality of the fabric and the other materials used in its manufacture, from the thread to the finished product. The main goal of this certification is to allow textile industry professionals and consumers to purchase fabric that contains no unhealthy or environmentally hazardous substances.

RECYCLED FABRIC: this product is certified at all stages of the supply chain and guarantees traceability, environmental, social and label requirements

FRENCH FABRIC : Our designers chose fabric made in France for this product.

ITALIAN FABRIC : Our designers chose fabric made in Italy for this product.

FRENCH DESIGN : This product was conceived by our designers, and developed by the prototype makers and dressmakers in our Aix-en-Provence workshop

BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL : this product comes from a chain of traceability which makes it possible to certify that the finished product contains a precise quantity of an organic fiber

GOTS CERTIFIED : this product contains fibers from certified farms that comply with organic requirements

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