Distributing our Collections

Every day, we take action to preserve the ecosystem and fight climate change. Even little things can have a big impact.

That's why we use LED lighting in our stores, and have installed timers in our windows, so that the energy can be shut off at night as we slowly transition to new contracts with green energy suppliers.

To make our online sales more sustainable, we decided to use La Poste

to ship our packages. By choosing Colissimo, Indies has gained an environmentally responsible delivery partner, a top player in Europe's voluntary carbon offset program. Colissimo is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by focusing on three goals: measuring CO2 emissions; reducing them, primarily through delivery optimization; and offsetting residual emissions with support for projects in France and worldwide.

As for online sales, our orders are shipped in 70% recycled cardboard

packaging. We're also offering a more eco-friendly shipping solution with Hipli: a pouch that can be reused up to 100 times. It has less of an environmental impact than cardboard as of its second use, and generates around 25 kg less waste!

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80% of all returns are due to wrong sizes. In 2021, to limit returns as much as possible, we implemented a size recommendation tool. This tool helps our clients find the right size for their clothing orders quickly and easily, based on their age, weight, body type and shopping preferences.

Fewer errors = fewer returns to ship, and another win for the planet!