Eco-friendly production

Our collections are primarily produced in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, etc.), depending on the technical demands of each product and the expertise of our partner workshops.

Beyond the specific criteria required for each collection, we strive to choose suppliers and manufacturers that share our values and are actively committed to a policy of reducing their environmental impact.


For example, our primary supplier responsible for manufacturing our technical jersey collections is one of the world's least polluting factories, and has been committed to eco-friendly processes for years:

Reusing cooling water as part of the production process

Continuing to reduce its carbon emissions by taking measures to improve energy efficiency

Reducing waste by optimizing its dyeing and printing techniques


We choose ground transport over air whenever possible to ship our collections.

It's slower, but it doesn't cause nearly as much pollution, and thanks ̂to our new team organizational structure, our collections always arrive on time!