The common denominator in our brands has always been elegance, without a doubt because we have always loved beautiful things. Art inspires us, and so does French chic. And it's this common denominator that influences our collections, which always aim to be easy to wear and elegant.


Our collections are designed to endure through time and do not respond to fashion trends, but to a unique style according to the desires of our stylists. This is also a great way to thumb our noses at the fast-fashion industry. Taking our time and slowing down, doing things simply and sustainably...



Collections are composed of essential items with both casual and chic cuts. The exclusive and colored prints from the Indies and Bleu Blanc Bleu lines give character to skillful cuts.

Color and print have always had a strong place in our collections. Each season, we imagine 15 to 20 new prints, inspiring ourselves from the world around us, and from elements that have meaning.