By becoming an affiliate, you join a dynamic and growing network.

As an affiliate, you are allotted to the commercial operations of your business. This allows the customer to purchase the customer and satisfy their desires.

This partial affiliation system guarantees your independence , you can keep, among other things, the distribution of certain brands that you particularly value.


- You are an integral portion of our network
- Consistent margin rate Throughout the Year
- No stock at the end of the season
- Marketing, sales, merchandising and media showcase
- Expertise and sales tools Supporting


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Our Three brands

Flowy silhouettes reflecting a trendy style, INDIES knows how to find the perfect balance of chic and relaxation for a woman adept in fashion. SEE THE COLLECTION

JJ GARELLA is a brand with Mediterranean inspirations, blending materials, graphic prints with vibrant colors. SEE THE COLLECTION

BLEU BLANC ROUGE is a brand with strong identity, bold sets, offering timeless elegance.



Launched in 2017 with 2 affiliates and 20 affiliated affiliates and continuing to grow.

Laetitia, from Perpignan: "I am proud to be part of a dynamic network, I feel helped, supported and secure." I give the image of a shop in action and working. "

Karine in Dijon: "I am trained by the group that influences me with a rhythm, a commercial dynamic, new ideas and that work I use them for the rest of my shop a disposable product, it is an excellent quality / price ratio. "


More information?

You can contact: Delphine MARRE

Tel: +33 4 42 65 40 52 - Mail [email protected]