INDIES is first and foremost a high-end women's ready-to-wear group located in the south of France that has been designing and distributing its own collections for over 50 years.

Created in 1970, the group's first brand is named after its founder J.J. GARELLA and offers original and colorful collections, drawing their style and originality from the richness and creativity of local artisanal talents and Mediterranean cultural diversity.
By combining femininity, lightness, modernity, and elegance, the brand rapidly made a name for itself.

In 1993, the group acquired the brands BLEU BLANC ROUGE (associated with a creative, chic, and formal style) and INDIES (a more sporty and urban style), allowing them to offer a full range of styles to their customers.

The collections' success enabled boutiques dedicated to the brand to be opened starting in 1972 (in Saint Tropez) followed by the development of its distribution through a network of multi-brand retailers. In 2008, the group accelerated its development by opening its own boutiques under the INDIES brand (18 points of sale in France in 2021) and through a Franchise system (25 points of sale in 2021). The website www.indies.fr was launched in 2013 and is today a major part of the group's development.

The group's strength still resides in its integrated style office: stylists, model-makers, and seamstresses design the collections in the historic workshop, allowing them to manufacture more creative and elaborate items than if they were outsourced.
Manufacturing is subcontracted in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin according to the technical specifications of the different custom manufacturers the brand works with.

19 70
Birth of the
J.J. Garella brand
Creation of the Group
19 92
19 93
Acquisition of the Indies
and Bleu Blanc Rouge brands
Development of
the network of boutiques
20 08
20 13
Creation of the
website www.indies.fr