Founded in 1977 in Nice, Bleu Blanc Rouge was born from the creative impetus of two sisters, inspired by fabric scraps from their mother's workshop.

Rich, daring pieces
& couture

The subtle alliance of these pieces, combined with delicate ornaments such as braids, buttons and brooches, becomes the distinctive mark of this prestigious Côte d'Azur house, gracefully distilling the French Riviera spirit.

The refined elegance of the collections is aimed at the bold, demanding woman. Each model, the fruit of the craftsmanship of our creation workshop based in the South of France, is carefully designed, patterned and made.

The nobility of the materials selected, the meticulous choice of cuts and their perfect fit testify to our commitment to excellence.

Through this approach, we embody further proof of France as the timeless cradle of fashion and elegance. We invite you to discover the very essence of Bleu Blanc Rouge, a harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated modernity.

Attention to detail

Our collections