INDIES was founded in 1993 not far from Aix en Provence.

It is above all a unique universe for dynamic women in search of style and comfort.

Our sportswear chic style combines perfectly-fitting cuts and our commitment to quality, for a wardrobe that's elegant, easy to wear and easy to care for.

Our secret?

To create collections that judiciously combine rich, exclusive prints with our flagship fabric, technical jersey.

This stretchy, breathable fabric, inspired by the seaside world, is available in a range of weights and is suitable for all seasons. Pleasant to wear, durable and made in Italy, technical jersey gives our products undeniable advantages: comfortable, stress-free clothing. 

Each season, the collections are reinvented in our workshops in the south of France, where each model is designed, patterned and assembled around strong trends.



Technical jersey is a stretchy, breathable fabric that comes in 6 different thicknesses, depending on the season and the look you want to achieve.

This quality fabric can be ultra-thin for a light, flowing fall, or thicker for cooler seasons, or even with a fleece lining for winter.

Inspired by swimwear, technical jerseys are very easy to care for, as they are wrinkle-free and non-iron. 

Each of our technical jersey collections is designed to be elegant, comfortable and easy to wear every day, with exclusive colors and prints.

    Highly appreciated for its comfort, it is undeniably the flagship fabric of the Indies brand, combining elegance and modernity.

Our Iconics